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What is a Traffic Exchange?

Traffic exchanges are an online service where web site owners show their websites splash pages/landing pages for other to view.
All members of AdBiz.Ventures will view these web pages when they are looking for online opportunities plus also building up their own page views for their own splash pages/landing pages to be seen by other members.

You can start viewing other members splash pages/landing page online opportunities simply by adding your own Ads in the Sites area, plus your 468x60 Banners or 125x125 Square banners. Click the 'Ad viewing area/View Ads' and every page that you view, you receive page views for you to allocate against your own Ads.

Your site will receive one hit for each 1 page view that you assign to your site.

   So what is AdBiz.Ventures then?

Adbiz.Ventures is built from the original out the box Traffic Exchange script by LFMTE. With many months of work and testing has been transformed into a way to show and view other members splash pages / landing pages of online opportunities, built around a board game as an extra and fun way to work online. Maybe  learn how to build your own online business through patients, perseverance and making the right choices.
Keep making the right choices and you will be seeing increased rewards. Make the wrong choices and it could be a visit to the Courts as you are Bankrupt or even a visit to the Boss's Office!

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